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You Know You Are a Serious Blogger When . . .

You know you're a serious blogger when . . .

. . . you keep your nails short so you can type faster and blog more efficiently.

. . . you learn to type with one hand, eat with the other, and read to your toddler with a book open on your lap all at the same time (and doing all 3 well too).

. . . you just don't feel right not having at least one post published every calendar day.

. . . you need to use a DayRunner to organize your blog-related activities.

. . . you have to get your blog post in for the day even if it's a holiday.

. . . you are sick in bed and you only get out of bed to use the bathroom and to make your daily blog post (well . . . unless you have a laptop).

. . . you have clothing or jewelry with your blog's name on it.