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Giveaway & Review: My Tot Clock [CLOSED]

Twintuitive Product #1

I chose this invention called My Tot Clock to feature as a "Twintuitive Product" because it solves a problem that is not unique to households with twins, but is very common in those households. Many sets of twins share a room, whether it is due to lack of space or just because their parents do not want to break the special twin bond by separating the two siblings.

Simply put, My Tot Clock is a clock that changes colors according to your time table, which allows young children who cannot tell time yet to be on a schedule. We have yellow for awake time, dark blue for bedtime, light blue for naptime, red for timeouts, and green for positive encouragement time. The dark blue light doubles as a night light with a built-in dimmer.

In addition to these features, there are some extras that make this product more than just a clock. There is a place to insert a Tot Clock Treasures cartridge. Each cartridge comes with a story, five lullabies, one wake time song, and a white noise track. You have the option to set the My Tot Clock to start the story right when the clock turns dark blue for bedtime. Similarly, you can set the clock to play the Wake Time song right when the light turns yellow in the morning. I should also mention that you can purchase fun themed faceplates for your clock.

The reason why I was thrilled to receive a My Tot Clock to review is because my 2.5yr old twins do share a room and one of them is a night owl. In fact, they use to sleep in toddler beds pushed together, but my dear husband and I finally decided that they needed to be separated because the night owl (my daughter) would keep her twin brother awake until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning because she did not want to sleep and needed a playmate. Now their beds are on opposite walls. Luckily it is an enormous bedroom because they also share it with my 5yr old son.

What I thought about My Tot Clock as a parent:

1) I think the idea of using colors is brilliant because even children as young as my twins understand the difference between colors despite the fact that they can only name a small handful of them presently.

2) My 5yr old son loves the clock. He can already tell time for the most part, but he enjoys helping us reinforce the concept to the twins that dark blue means stay in your beds, do not make loud noises, and it is time to sleep.

3) Bedtime is not a time when my husband and I like to punish, so there was no straight forward way to enforce the rule to do what the clock says. My husband did make up a little song . . . "When the clock is blue, that means sleepy sleepy you!" This made reiterating that blue mean bedtime less tedious for all parties involved. The song actually makes the children smile.

4) I think a wake up song is a great alternative for a children's alarm clock.

5) About a month or so ago, my 5yr old son had started waking up far too early in the morning. With The Tot Clock, he stays in bed and does not disturb the twins until the light turns from blue to yellow.

6) I recommend that you keep the clock where it is visible, but out of reach of the children. The digital clock on the back controls the light settings. More than once I have found the digital time had been changed.

7) I found all the features of the clock useful for our particular household except for the "Encouragement" setting. That is not something that we usually schedule, but rather we take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Overall, I think our My Tot Clock has been a useful tool. It did not solve our problem of my daughter not feeling sleepy until very late at night, but it did make her understand that it was bedtime and she should lie in bed quietly. The fact of the matter is that all children are different. Toddlers who are more eager to please their parents and like to follow rules will probably be more likely to do what the clock dictates. I think this product would be most effective for preschoolers and kindergartners who can grasp the difference between more than two colors and who are old enough to be impressed by the appearance and the various "cool" functions of the clock.

What you can win:
One lucky reader will win one My Tot Clock of their very own.

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