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Review: "Sweets 'n' Treats" Children's Music CD

Musician and SAHD Tracey Singer's new children's music CD is not due to hit the stores until July 7th, 2009, but my children were lucky enough to receive an advanced review copy of this CD titled Sweets 'n' Treats. I normally review CDs with the help of my 5yr old son, but this time I enlisted my 2.5yr old twins.

What I thought about this CD as a parent:

1) I was pleasantly surprised with this CD. Based on the CD jacket, I expected the content to be geared more towards children than adults. I actually found the songs to be very enjoyable for both adults and children.

2) I thought having children singing along here and there added a whimsical aspect to some of the songs.

3) I very much liked all the different genres of music represented on this CD. Mall Mom, which was my favorite song out of the 13, reminded me of The Stray Cats. The song Swimming reminded me of the Beach Boys. There was even a hint of country in the songs Baggy Pants and Stinky Smoke.

4) All the songs were fun and were easy to dance to, even the slower songs like The Moon is Here.

What my 2.5yr old twins thought about this children's CD:

1) I could tell that the twins enjoyed this CD very much. Although the songs introduced fun characters and different themes, both serious and silly, neither twin are old enough to catch the lyrics. The music was able to stand on it's own as far as they were concerned.

2) Even though the twins started dancing right at the first track Sweets 'n' Treats, when Camping Trip started, they couldn't stop moving and decided it was the perfect song for bouncing on the sofa cushions. I think it's a safe guess that this was their favorite song.

If you'd like to hear a sample from this CD, just go to and click on the jukebox.