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Thursday Thirteen (3rd Edition)

Thirteen DORKY Things I Say to My Children

1. “Sleepy! Sleepy! Sleepy mo meepy!”
2. “Is your belly not welly?”
3. “Books are for reading . . . not eating.”
4. “Cutie toes. Look at those. Let me kiss those cutie toes.”
5. “You silly bahnilly!”
6. “Are you a poopasaurus or a stinkasaurus?”
7. “You Crazy McFlaziehead!!!”
8. “Are you nutzo mutzo?”
9. “Are you Stinky McMinky?”
10. “Rise and shine my little porcupine!”
11. “Okie dokie smokey”
12. “Are you a hungry hungry hippo?”
13. “Hold your horses, Charlie!”

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