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That Will Be One Arm and One Leg, Please!

You all know that I wear glasses, but did you know that I wear bifocals? Yup, about 10 years before the average woman starts. So you've got bifocals, featherweight lenses, a semi stylish frame and BOOM! you're looking at $500 or $600. I went to one of those places that I saw advertised on television that was located in our local mall. I won't say the name of the chain, but I will never go back there again. The best way I can explain my experience is by comparing it to buying a car. The sales person always has extra features to push on you, they always try to show you a higher model, there are always hidden costs, and you always end up spending more than you wanted. In this case, my salesperson even slipped in the scratch resistant anti-glare coating that I did not agree to.

Ever since I heard a couple of the ladies on a mommies forum mention that they had purchased new glasses online and were extremely pleased with their experience, I have been thinking that my next pair will be coming from a website like To use this website as an example, I could buy a pair of glasses like these for a fraction of what I paid for mine . . .

Stainless Steel Frames = $29.95
Anti Scratch Coating = No Charge
UV Protection = No Charge

With a pair of complete progressive lense glasses starting at $37.00, this may be the place for me. I will continue to shop around though, if only to confirm that I've found the best deal. You know me . . . I can never buy anything without doing some comparison shopping first.

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