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Silly Monkey Stories: To "Have" or Not To "Have"?

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Sunday evening we went to a barbecue at my cousin’s house. Jake just loves going there because they spoil him. My cousin and her son always presents him with a bag of toys, clothing, and books that they no longer need. The same thing happened on Sunday. My cousin shows Jake a big bag of goodies.

Cousin B: Now Jake, if you want to keep all this cool stuff, you have to promise to behave for your parents.

No answer from Jake because he’s too busy playing with his new Power Ranger figure.

Cousin B: Jake, do you promise me you’re going to be a good boy and behave?

Jake: (Excitedly) Yes! Yes! I’m going to be extremely “have"!
(pronounced "haiv")

LOL!! I’ve heard him say that once or twice before. Since I have not heard him say that recently, I just assumed that he outgrew it or figured out that “being have” was not the same as “behaving.”

Here is Jake showing off one of the cool new toys he inherited from his cousin.

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