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A Little Extra Excitement Between Husband & Wife

No, I'm not talking about in the bedroom. LOL!! I'm talking about paintball!

You see, ever since my sister talked about playing paintball with her co-workers, I have wondered what it would be like. She did say that you definitely know when you get hit, but other than that, I only have my imagination and what I have seen on television to base my fantasy on. I think I have pretty good aim when it comes to shooting, but would my reflexes be quick enough?

Back to the fantasy. I expect I would be dressed in gear from head to toe similar to what's shown at BT Paintball, as would my husband. I have a theory that it would do our marriage a world of good if we were locked in a room together and were allowed to let loose on each other. Um . . . I meant with paintball! I mean, imagine being able to let out all and any built up resentment and frustration? I wonder if any relationship counselors ever thought about having two people do this. I think it would be lots of fun and very therapeutic.

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