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Personalized Storage Bins (Step 2 of 2)

I completed the last step, which was to apply the paint, for one of the storage bins tonight. It really reminded me of how out of practice I am at simple drawing. Luckily, I only need to impress one 4yr old and two 1yr olds.

I laid the bin folded flat on my bed on a few sheets of paper towels. The directions on the Tulip paint said to just shake well and place the tip on the surface then squeeze. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, to my surprise, the paint was extremely easy to use. I was very pleased with how much control I had over the thickness of the lines and over beginning/ending a line. The white was not as user-friendly though. I think it was a little thinner than the other colors. It contained bubbles and just did not give a consistent line, even though I did not change the pressure of which I was squeezing the bottle. Overall, I would recommend these paints for adults and children. I had zero mess . . . no drips, running, bleeding, etc . . . Plus, it is suppose to dry in just 4 hours!

My husband is attempting to draw a likeness of Lightning McQueen on Jake's right at this moment. I will try to finish painting that and Luke's choo choo train bin over the next day or two. I'll be sure to post photos of the finished products. Wish me luck!!