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Personalized Storage Bins (Step 1 of 2)

I had mentioned before that I was going to make personalized storage bins for each of the kids and let them leave them for the Easter Bunny to fill. Well, I finally got my butt in gear and started the project.

Collapsible Canvas Storage Cube (Any size works)
A Pencil (Note: If you try to erase the pencil marks, the canvas gets a little fuzzy. I learned the hard way.)
Assorted Fabric Paints (I chose Tulip Metallics 3D Fashion Paint)

The first thing I did after deciding what the theme for each bin would be was to draw the designs out in pencil. I drew them right on the bins and will just apply the paint right over it. The themes I settled upon are cars for Jake, trains for Luke, and flowers, butterflies, and hearts for Makenzie. I wanted to do a princess theme for her with a crown and the phrase "Our Little Princess" but it was too much text in addition to her name on there. My husband has promised to draw the car for me in the near future. I drew out the designs for the other two tonight. I would have taken a picture, but I think the pencil marks may be too light to show up on camera, especially if I have to use a flash. I'm not thrilled with the way my butterflies came out, but I guess their primitive look matches the simple flowers. The design with the train says, "CHUG-A CHUG-A CHOO CHOOOOOO" with a big sun and a couple of small clouds above it and Luke's name under it along the bottom.

Sources for design ideas:
Coloring books or online coloring pages
Rubber Stamps
Children's books

Since Easter is only about a week away, I'm relieved to have started the project. I'm not really a last minute kind of person.