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Build-A Bear Workshop's "Stuff Fur Stuff Club"

The Stuff Fur Stuff Club is Build-a-Bear Workshop's loyalty program. They send you customer loyalty certificates for every 100 points you accumulate. Since we had Jake's last birthday party there, I had accumulated a few certificates. They were actually good until January '09, but here is the reason I decided to spend them now.

Before the twins were born, Jake and I use to go to the mall once or twice a month. My husband would have lunch with us at the mall and then come back to pick us up after work. We always sat on the same bench to share a sour cream & onion soft pretzel with no salt from Auntie Anne's. Then we would go play at the Lego Store. I know that Jake and I both have very fond memories of those special days. He actually brings them up once in awhile and it makes me sad because, ever since the twins were born, we rarely get any Jake 'n' Mommy time.

So my idea was that (while my husband took the twins to an appointment) Jake and I could go to Build-a-Bear to pick out some new things for his dinosaur, Kenzie's bear, and Luke's monkey. Then I thought we could go share a pretzel while we waited for my husband to pick us up. I was pretty excited about it.

Well, it didn't work out exactly as I envisioned. Because of the time crunch, we ended up all going to the mall together later in the day. My husband kept the twins busy for a little while, so Jake and I had a little bit alone time. Build-a-Bear Workshop was all the way on the other side of the mall from where we parked. While holding my hand, Jake practically ran the whole way he was so excited to go. Then, while in the store, it was great watching his eyes light up as he ran from one display to another. He wanted to show me everything. Even though, we didn't get to share a pretzel together on the bench, I do think we created a new fun and special Jake 'n' Mommy memory.

Oh, and this is a list of things we picked out at Build-a-Bear and we didn't have to pay one cent:
-An irridescent fairy outfit (a fairy dress with the wings attached)
-A Buzz Lightyear costume (complete with hood, padded shirt, pants, and space shoes)
-A striped polo shirt
-A pair of pink panties
-A pair of plush pink flower ponytail holders ornaments (they go on the bear's ears :P )