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YAY for Self-Control!!

(No, this isn't going to be about me and cake.)

A few days ago, I had changed one of the items on our 4yr old's rewards chart from "Teaching the Babies Something New" to "Being Nice to the Babies." For the months we've been using this rewards chart, Jake only tried to teach his little brother and sister something new maybe twice. So I decided to use it to help correct his habit of being too rough with his 1 yr old siblings.

Jake likes to give the twins forced hugs. He holds them against their will and does not release them when they protest. He has also been known to knock them down and be too physical with them when they approach him and try to play with whatever toy he has at the moment. Nothing we've tried so far has made the situation better. Even when he got a taste of his medicine from a boy that was older than him, he admitted he didn't like it, but still did not change his pattern of behavior.

Well, he finally earned his first sticker for being "nice" on Wednesday. We didn't get to go over his reward chart together because he had to scoot off to bed (it's a school night). So I can't wait for him to wake up in the morning so I can praise him for proving that it is possible for him not to be a bully towards his brother and sister. I'm hoping he earns lots more stickers in this category in the future.