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3 Finished Personalized Storage Bins

For our 4yr old's bin, my husband drew a likeness of Lightning McQueen in pencil. I added the clouds, road, the call-out, the name, and the paint. The picture really doesn't do the artwork justice because the metallic paint is reflecting too much of the light from the camera's flash. I eeked by with the amount of black and white paint I had left. I hadn't planned on filling in large spaces with it, but realized that the picture would look much better with the eyes, teeth, and tires done in solid.

I had a ton of problems when I used the black and blue paints on the train design for the very first time. Even though I shook the bottles up well, the paints bled during the first couple of applications to my dismay. The bright side is that I discovered just how 3-dimensional these paints can be after applying layer upon layer upon layer. I did try to build some depth into the floral design later on since I had paint left over.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the end result since I haven't attempted a craft project in quite a long time. The unpredictable performance of these Tulip Metallic 3-D white, black, and blue paints made the process a little more stressful than I would have liked. That being said, I have to add that when I asked Jake if he liked his, he replied, "I LOVE it!!!" and just seemed thrilled. That just made all the aggravation worthwhile.