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Love a Shopping Challenge!

Our 4yr old received an invitation to a friend/classmate's birthday party. I RSVP'd via email and asked for some tips on what the little guy might like for a gift. Well, his mom mentioned an action figure she has been trying to find for him. Since I am a shopping fool, I made it my mission to find this figure. After all, what better gift could there be than something the boy had been wanting for a long time? Nothing gives me a better feeling than finding the perfect gift for someone, especially a child.

Well, being the seasoned internet shopper I am, I found several sources who carried the figure and actually had it in stock. The best price was (you guessed it) on Ebay. I actually prefer Ebay over shopping at small "mom 'n' pop" websites anyways. That's where I found most of the figures to be in stock. I love supporting small businesses locally, but when they are several states away, I'm a little more hesitant.

Mission accomplished!!