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The #ChannelOneNews Common-Core Aligned Video Library is an Excellent Resource for Non-Fiction Learning

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Channel One News. All opinions expressed here are my own.

There are several things that impressed me immediately when attending Curriculum Night for our 4th grader's classroom this past fall.  One of the main things that stood out was how much the 4th grade curriculum was centered around real life.  The monthly Book Talk Projects are not focused around novels only, but rather a variety of genres, including non-fiction, historical fiction, biographies, autobiographies, and more.  Also part of the curriculum is weaving the topic of money and finances into other aspects of classroom learning.

"Managing the ins and outs of money is something schools across the country are trying to tackle. And they are looking for creative, hands-on ways to do that." - Channel One News

I have to say that our son's 4th grade teacher has this covered!  The students all have bank accounts (with checkbook registries) and wallets for their classroom money.  They earn classroom money by doing their homework and passing it in on time, passing tests, doing Book Talk Projects, and taking paid positions around the classroom, for which they need to submit job applications.  They also get fined for things like forgetting to pass in their homework or failing to complete it.  The students can spend their money weekly at the 4th grade store and at the 4th grade auctions, which take place several times throughout the school year.

Currently, my son and two of his classmates have submitted a business proposal for the upcoming opening of the 4th Grade Mall.  The whole class will submit proposals that will need to be approved.  Then each business will need to make a financial plan, list out their expenses, their inventory, and other business basics.  I am very much looking forward to finding out if the business run by my son and his two associates will be a profitable one.

I only recently discovered Channel One News' Generation Money series.  I am definitely going to recommend it to our son's teacher as a resource for her lessons in finance.  Channel One News offers a whole video library on a variety of non-fiction topics that are reported in a way that is kid-friendly.  Whether you are an educator in a Common Core classroom or are a parent, you can tap into this resource by registering on  Simply filling out a brief form and indicate whether you are a student, a parent, an educator, or a homeschooler, then you're in!