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Silly Monkey Stories: Renaming History

The weekend before last, we took the kids to King Richards Faire, a local renaissance festival and one of our favorite places. Although Karen and I have yet to dress up, the kids have a blast dressing up for the faire.

This year Jake dressed as a pirate, Makenzie a fair maiden, and Luke a wise wizard. While we were getting dressed up, I over heard Jake explaining to Luke about the costumes:

“Yes, these costumes are from MEDICAL times”

Of course he meant 'Medieval' times. The part that was most amusing and interesting to me is Jake reads a great deal, I mean A LOT. So all this time he was reading 'medieval' as 'medical'.  I wonder what other words he has mixed up? Only time will tell . . .

Look for more photos from our trip to King Richard's Faire this week!

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