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What Improvements the VTech® InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet Offers Over Similar Tablets

Thank you to VTech for providing a complimentary InnoTab 3 product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize. All opinions expressed are my own.

We are always looking for new tools to help make learning fun in our home. I think we have owned just about every electronic gizmo in our pursuit. Although most have helped to some degree or another, none have been a single solution.

Recently we received a device that has gotten us a bit closer to our goal, the VTech InnoTab 3. The InnoTab 3 is a tablet/reader designed especially for kids. We have some competing products already, so I was curious to see what the InnoTab 3 could offer us that was an improvement.

The InnoTab 3 is good-looking and solidly built. Although I haven't tested this yet, it seems like it could survive some kid-height drops without issue.

The screen on the InnoTab 3 is bright and a bit larger than the competing tablets we have owned. The resolution is comparative to other models I have seen and certainly within my expectations for a tablet in this category. I should state that tablets made for kids simply do not have the same screen quality that regular tablets have, and that’s okay. This is the reason why a kid’s tablet is typically under $100 after all. The InnoTab 3 has a tilt sensor, something its full grown cousins have and is a nice touch. A tilt sensor opens up a whole new dimension for interactivity.

I will cut to the chase and state that the InnoTab 3 does not break the mold as far as tablets especially designed for kids are concerned, but it does raise the bar a bit. It is a little bit better in just about every way but does not add any new groundbreaking features. All the books, games, drawing apps, and more that I expect to find in a kid-friendly tablet are there, and are done pretty well.

I like the fact that the attached camera rotates to become forward or rear-facing, it is a nice touch. The image quality, however, is much the same as all the other devices in this category that I have tried. To get a good picture, the cameras require a very bright room. With digital camera technology so common and basic these days, I am surprised we don’t see better cameras in these units.

The main menu is loaded with options right out of the box. I like the fact that there is plenty to do without adding anything to the device. There are 16 apps included. As always, if you want more, it is easy to plug the unit into your PC and install more apps via The Learning Lodge on Vtech’s website. The InnoTab 3 also accepts cartridges, so your ability to add content is fairly extensive, keeping the tablet interesting to your child indefinitely.

The biggest improvement in my opinion that the InnoTab 3 has over the competing tablets I have tried, is the touch screen's sensitivity. The InnoTab 3’s touch was responsive and has a decent accuracy to it, a large difference between the others I have tried. I can say from personal experience that your child will lose interest quickly if the touch is not accurate and responsive.

The biggest difference with the InnoTab 3 is the price, $69.99. The fact that Vtech was able to improve to one degree or another every aspect of a kid's tablet while also keeping the price extremely reasonable is the real story here. Is the Vtech InnoTab 3 the greatest thing to ever happen to kids electronics? Nope . . . but it’s very good, improves upon its peers in most areas, and is an exceptional price. I recommend the InnoTab 3 heartily to anybody who isn't ready to buy their kids a full-priced adult tablet yet.

You can purchase the VTech InnoTab 3 on,, and most places where VTech toys are sold.

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