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My Pillow Pets Panda from

I have always had a soft spot for panda bears ever since I received my first plump cuddly plush panda bear as a child.  Well, my children had the same reaction when they met the My Pillow Pets Panda.  They already have a love for pandas because of the lovable, but fierce, Po of Kung Fu Panda, so all it took was for them to see this My Pillow Pets' adorable round face.  They already have a butterfly, a dolphin (in 2 sizes), a ladybug, and a penguin, but this panda might just be their favorite out of the bunch!

This panda is certainly an armful.  All 3 children wanted him for themselves, so now he rotates whose bed he sleeps in at night.

Let's just face it.  Not all My Pillow Pets are created equal.  Just look at this extra-adorable face!

Please always remember to look for the official My Pillow Pets logo sewn right into the plush's foot when shopping.  There are many imitations out there.

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Thank you to Coppins Gifts for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing a second product for our contest prize.

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