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My Photos: Two Quirky Cats

How does the saying go?  Cats are creatures of habit?  Or is that people? . . . Anyways, one of our cats (the brown one) has developed a habit of sleeping on top of my DayRunner.  I always have it opened on the bed during the day because I don't have enough room on my desk.  I can't imagine that it is comfortable.  Yet, still day after day, all day long, she sleeps on it.

One of our tuxedo cats has always loved to sleep with the top of his head against something.  It is not unusual to look over to see him with his head against another cat's back or hind quarters.  If I am in bed, he will sometimes nuzzle the top of his head against the palm of my hand and sleep that way.  Recently, I was a little surprised to see him sleeping with his head against our other cat's belly.  I'm pretty sure all of our cats do not like their bellies to be touched, so I was rather shocked that his nap buddy didn't get up and reposition herself.  I suppose that's just how strong their bond is . . .

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