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My Photos: W/E 7-7-12

Like every Fourth of July in the past, our children had no interest in going to see fireworks.  They seem to be worried that the noise level will frighten them.  Hopefully when they are older someday, they'll want to go see the fireworks display in Boston.

Instead, we attempted to take the children to a local playground.  It was an extremely hot and humid day.  The park was deserted.  We tried out a new outdoor toy and then the boys only wanted to swing, while our daughter only moped around.  I think it was too hot to run around and certain parts of the play structure were hot to the touch, as well.  When I look at the photos below, I just cannot believe that our 5 year old son is swinging on a big kid swing with a huge smile on his face.  Only a few months ago, he was afraid to get on the big kid swing by himself.  Then to see that our 8 year old son is growing too tall to use the swings, just made me wonder where the time went.

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After a short while, we headed home from the park because it was just too hot.  We decided to take the children to the pool for some swim training instead.  It was about 90 degrees out that afternoon and the children were shivering from being too cold in the pool.  We just couldn't win that day!

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