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Giveaway: Cuisinart 5-in1 Griddler [CLOSED]

Through June 15th, you can enter to win a Cuisinart Griddler through PVC Fittings Online's multi-blog giveaway.  Although the contest will not end in time for Father's Day, this will still be a great prize to share with Dad and the rest of the family.  This countertop appliance will allow you to grill all year round.

Please be sure to read the entry requirements carefully since it will vary from the typical entries you have grown accustomed to on 3G2S.  I would love to see one of my readers win this great prize!

PVC Fittings Online is a leading national supplier of pvc and cpvc fittings to local homeowners as well as many contractors. Visit them at or fill out the below rafflecopter for your chance to win a free Cuisinart Griddler!!
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