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Living Green With Jerinda: SnapSac Reusable Totes & Coolers

People who know me know that I’m a sucker for cute reusable bags. We use ours so frequently that they end up tattered and worn and need replacing. When I got the offer for bags from SnapSac, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

SnapSac is unique because their bags "snap" shut in three different places: folded up for easy storage, inside the small inner pocket to hold in loose items, and in the front to secure your cargo from falling out. These bags also come in a range of sizes like I’ve never seen before. Their largest tote is, by far, the biggest reusable bag I’ve ever seen.

The Grocery Tote is very tall at 17 inches and perfect for transporting 2 liters, gallons of fluids, cereal boxes, and any other tall items. The Petite Tote is ideal for small grocery trips, purchases such as shoes, or transporting take-out home from a restaurant. The Super Tote is a perfect library bag, in my opinion. It comfortably holds even large books and is sturdy enough to handle the weight. The Mega Tote measures at 28” wide by 19” high, so it truly is mega. The possibilities are endless for this monster of a tote; days at the beach, overnight trips, transporting toys, library books, groceries… You name it, this tote would hold it. The Lunch Tote is a perfect bag for keeping your lunch hot or cold and is the exact size to hold a day’s lunch for an adult or child. Finally, the Cool Tote is a great small cooler for up to 3 pounds of ice and products. It features a plastic lining on the inside, so it is completely leak proof. I foresee many trips to the lake using this cooler for our beverages.

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All the totes, except the Lunch and Cool, have an inner pocket for storing money, library cards, wallet, etc. and all of them snap closed in 3 places. The Lunch and Cool tote have external storage pockets and a long “purse strap” type handle for carrying. I love that they fold flat and snap shut, so they take up minimal space and I can even carry them in my purse.

All the SnapSac products are extremely good quality and the people at SnapSac are very prompt and nice. When the bags first came to me, the Cool Tote had a rip in the plastic lining that would have prevented it from being leak proof. SnapSac quickly rectified that situation and sent me a replacement with their apologies.  The time they were notified to the time they sent a replacement was literally just a couple days. They truly guarantee their products and care about protecting their reputation. I would highly recommend these bags to anyone in the market for good quality, reusable bags.

You can buy all these bags on their website individually or in bundles of 3 and 6 by visiting The bags come in two color schemes: neutral and pop. The bundle that has all six bags mentioned retails for $29.99.  Through February 9th, 2012 you can receive 25% off your entire purchase when you checkout using Promo Code:  GarnetSapphire25.  You can also receive Free Shipping on any purchase over $25 within the continental U.S.

Thank you to SnapSac for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing additional product for our contest prize.

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