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This Mom Can Do It All and Not Break a Sweat . . . Jessica Alba in Spy Kids 4

Since our nearly 8 year old son is just starting to take interest in live action films, Spy Kids 4:  All The Time In The World is the first and only Spy Kids movie he and his younger siblings have ever seen.  That actually goes for me, as well.

Knowing that this movie was made with children in mind, I wondered how much a grown spy movie fan like me would enjoy this DVD.  Well, Spy Kids 4 turned out to be a very entertaining movie for the whole family.  It had three key ingredients that make any spy film successful . . . a strong and beautiful heroine, lots of action scenes, and super-cool spy gadgets that even James Bond would be envious of.  There is one more thing that made this film great for children.  That thing is a set of boy-girl twins who end up effectively fighting bad guys, something most children fantasize about doing at some point.  Now throw in some comic relief from the talking robotic dog Argonaut and the movie is complete.

Although the story is completely unrealistic, I do think that moms can relate to the character of Marissa (played by Jessica Alba) . . . well, not in a being drop-dead gorgeous way.  This character tries to do everything by juggling her family life and her work life, ultimately deciding to give up her work life.  In the end, she proves that she can do both well, something most working mothers hope to achieve.

Something that seemed interesting for existing Spy Kids fans is the return of the previous generation of Spy Kids from the first, second, and third movie . . .

Aside from being entertaining, Spy Kids 4 may also speak to children who are dealing with changes in their families, such as one of their parents remarrying.  It also encourages siblings to work together rather than compete against each other.

Of the four bonus features on the Spy Kids 4 DVD, our children's favorites were the "Deleted Scenes" and the "Spy Gadgets and More!"  I must say that those were my favorite, as well.

You can find Spy Kids 4:  All The Time In The World most places where popular DVDs are sold.  It is also available in a Blu-ray/Combo pack.  To learn more about the Spy Kids films, visit

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