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Back To School 2011: Quagmire Kids Fusion Color-Changing T-Shirt

For his second day of school, our 2nd grader could not wait to wear his new Quagmire Kids t-shirt, which happened to coordinate perfectly with his new Teva Charge sneakers.  This t-shirt changes between two colors based on his body temperature.  When he is perfectly cool, the shirt is a peach color.  Our shirt never looked as dark as the orange shirt pictured to the left.  When he starts to become warm, the shirt begins to turn yellow.  Because it was a hot and humid day, the shirt began to change from orange to yellow right after he put it on.

Since his body is not the same temperature everywhere, some parts of the shirt were lighter and some parts were darker.  For example, the part of the shirt that overlapped with his shorts was still more orange than yellow.  What better way to fix that than a hug from the best little brother in the world?

By the time my son got home from school, he had been through gym class and a long bus ride on a non-air conditioned school bus.  When he got off the bus, his shirt was completely yellow.  After my son changed out of his shirt, it returned to a peach color.

The unisex Quagmire Kids Fusion T-Shirt retails for $25 (Canadian dollars) and is available in 3 colors.  To find out more about this shirt or other Quagmire clothing children, visit

Thank you to Quagmire for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.