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What Form Builder Do You Use for Your Blog or Small Business?

Since I began blogging, I have been looking for a good form builder to help me create forms that have a professional appearance.  I currently had a web form for readers and PR professionals to contact me and another for PR professionals to leave feedback after working with me.  One was created by a free form builder I had found and one was created on the cloud.  I am not 100% happy with either one.

I also do a little PR work on the side and have tried using a form created through cloud computing for collecting and organizing information from bloggers.  I have since eliminated the form because it was very limited and not as user-friendly as I would like for both the bloggers and myself.  I would love to find a form generator that has premade templates.  It would need to be something that can be customized.  I could use something like a membership form, but with a few things added.

What type of form builder do you use for your blog or small business?  Of course, I would prefer it to be a free service, but would also consider a good one with a small monthly fee.