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Review: Kymaro Cardi Wrap . . . a Cardigan and Wrap in One

Offering the practicality of a cardigan, but also the elegance of a wrap or a pashmina, the Kymaro Cardi Wrap is the perfect fashion piece for most body types.  For someone like me, whose body never really recovered from carrying twins, I feel most confident when my mid-section is camouflaged.  With nearly 60 recommended ways to wear the Cardi Wrap, I chose the ones to try that would likely hide my tummy the best.  There were clearly some styles that I absolutely loved, but also a few that I did not care for.  It was certainly fun trying them all though . . . like making different dresses for my Barbie doll with a handkerchief when I was a child.

It was difficult choosing the color Cardi Wrap I wanted.  All seven available colors are actually colors I would wear.  Although red, black, and grey are my usual go-to colors, I decided on the purple and am extremely pleased with my decision.  I also opted for the Plus size verses the Misses because I figured having a little extra fabric to work with would be better than not having enough.

Accompanying the Cardi Wrap is an accessory kit, which includes 3 triangular bangles in silvertone, goldtone, and black,  plus two dyed to match woven pins . . . a bow and a flower.

Although I could definitely wear the Cardi Wrap as a simple duster cardigan, since I just love the cascading hemline and the way the fabric drapes, these are two more of my favorite ways to wear it . . .

The style shown on the left is not one of the ways shown in the Cardi Wrap booklet, but it was actually the first way I thought to wear the Cardi Wrap with a pin or a brooch.  The style shown on the right is style #18 in the booklet and perhaps my favorite style out of all the ones I tried.  It is comfortable, stylish, elegant, and hides my tummy well.  The styles that involved using the bangles plus tying the Cardi Wrap always turned out to be a little bulky for me.  Perhaps I would have had different results with the Misses size Cardi Wrap instead?

If you are in need of a gift idea for the woman who has everything, I would highly recommend the Cardi Wrap.  You can learn more about it and view all the colors available by visiting  Currently you can receive the Cardi Wrap in either size plus the accessory kit for $49.90.

Thank you to Kymaro for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.  This review has been written as part of a campaign for the Family Review Network.