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Review: Megamind (Mega Double DVD Pack)

Good verses evil always seemed like a cut and dry concept, but after watching the Megamind and Megamind the Button of Doom DVD Double Pack, it is clear that the concept is not as black and white as we thought.  "We have it all, but we have nothing" is what Megamind said after he accomplished his life-long goal of destroying the hero Metro Man.  Realizing that he is suddenly a man with no clear goal in life, he unknowingly starts his journey towards becoming good.

The ultimate lesson learned from the movie Megamind is that everyone has a choice to be good or evil despite the cards they have been dealt.  This is a theme even younger children can grasp, as is the concept of wanting to pretend to be someone else sometimes.  This movie is rated PG because there is some cartoon violence, but there was nothing that would be considered frightening to our preschoolers.

Both the children and the adults enjoyed the character of Megamind (voice by Will Ferrell) and Roxanne Ritchi (voice by Tina Fey) our heroine.  Normally, the good guy is also the underdog.  This is not true in this film.  One finds themselves rooting for the evil Megamind over the too-perfect Metro Man (voice by Brad Pitt).  There are some parts of the film that are purely for the entertainment of adults, such as the Michael Jackson dance towards the end.

The bonus DVD The Button of Doom takes place after Megamind has decided to do good instead of evil.  It is only about 15 minutes in length, but does a good job telling the tale of how Megamind struggles with the question of who the new Megamind is.  My children enjoyed it very much and wanted more after the episode ended.

Currently you can find the Megamind Mega Double Pack DVD and the Megamind Blu-ray/DVD combo at most major retailers of popular movies.  The Megamind Single-Disc DVD is also available.

Thank you to Dreamworks Home Entertainment for providing us with a complimentary product sample to base this review upon.