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Reveiw: The Self-Aware Parent by Dr. Fran Walfish

Being a parent is hard. Those of us with children have had to learn that lesson the hard way; by experiencing it. For new moms especially, learning to separate yourself from your child is a skill that is learned, not acquired, and sometimes it takes years to do so. The Self-Aware Parent by Dr. Fran Walfish is a handbook of sorts in learning to resolve conflict and build a better bond with your child, all while figuring out yourself as well. With such chapters as "Managing Your Parental Worries and Concerns" and "The Importance of Bonding Solidly with Your Child", Walfish paints a realistic and doable approach to parenting that anyone can benefit from.

I know that when I had my first child, it was hard to figure out where he stopped and I began, and over my years of parenting and doing daycare I’ve figured out that a lot of moms feel the same way. Even though I have figured out how to be a self-aware woman and mother over the last 9 years of parenthood, I know of many that have not mastered that skill. The Self-Aware Parent is a great resource for these parents. Walfish’s book is brilliantly written with intelligence, experience, and humor and I really enjoyed reading it.

Dr. Frances Walfish is a leading child and family psychotherapist and consultant for Parenting Teens Resource Network, Little Soul Productions,, and NBC Nightly News, as well as a frequent contributor to Parents magazine and Chair of the Governing Board of the Early Childhood Parenting Center. You can purchase The Self-Aware Parent at her website,, as well as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and It retails for $17.00 in paperback.

Thank you to Macmillan for sending us a sample copy of this book to base this review upon.