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TKD Kid Review: Paper Jamz Guitar & Amp Bundle from BJ's Wholesale Club

Paper Jamz GuitarLast month, I attended an in-store BJ's Wholesale Club event for local bloggers. At the end of the event, I had the opportunity to take one of the hottest toys of Holiday 2010 home to review with my son . . . the Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp Combo Pack. BJ's Wholesale Club sells this bundle for $34.99 when the pieces sold separately at other retailers are approximately $25 for the guitar and $15 for the amp.

A Paper Jamz demonstration by our nearly 7 year old son . . .

Included in this particular "Bullet" bundle is a guitar that plays the songs "What I Like About You", "Two Princes", and "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" plus an amp that has input for one Paper Jamz guitar or drum.

The power switch for the guitar is on the back, but all the other controls (i.e. switching between songs, volume, etc . . . ) are on the front of the guitar.

Also included is a red Paper Jamz guitar strap that is adjustable to fit a child up to an adult.

Since our son will turn 7 years old in less than a month, he felt like he was ready for his first mini product review. Here are his thoughts in his own words about the Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp . . .

"I love it! It was easy to play. My brother and sister like it too. I like the songs. My favorite is "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)". I wish it played more songs. I like the guitar with the amp. It sounds great! I get tired playing it after awhile. My arms get tired. I want to get the drums and more guitars." ~The TKD Kid

If you are in the market for a Paper Jamz Guitar this holiday, you can find this value bundle for a guitar and amp for just $34.99 at your local BJ's Wholesale Club.

Thank you to BJ's Wholesale Club for providing a complimentary sample product for us to base this review upon.

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