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Review: Linon Crescent Short Back Storage Bench

As I have mentioned many times, our townhouse is the size of a shoe box, so I have continuously needed to come up with new storage solutions. Our most recent problem was that our shoe basket by the back door was no longer sufficient because, as the twins grew, so did the size of their shoes. So I had the idea to replace the shoe basket and the chair next to it with this wooden storage bench.

As you can see, this bench provides twice as much seating in addition to allowing us to store our family's shoes. For easier access, the seat is split in two, so that you do not have to lift the entire seat up. This way, a child can still sit on one side to put on his or her shoes even if the other side is open. I love that the shoes can be placed inside in an orderly fashion, helping to keep them nicer than being thrown in a jumble inside a basket. I also never hear either of the twins complain that they cannot find their other shoe anymore.

My husband assembled this bench and thought it was simple to put together for one person. He did say that it would be easier if you had an extra set of hands while attaching the hinges for the seats. I love that the bench comes with these cushions so that the children cannot slam the seats down. The hinges are also very strong and keep the seats open hands-free.

I have to say that I am extremely happy with this bench. The dark stained hardwood makes it blend with the rest of our furniture and the construction is sturdy enough to stand up to three extremely active children. It would be perfect for storing indoor or outdoor toys, backpacks, and anything else you like to keep handy, but do not necessarily like to have visible.

This Linon Crescent Short Back Storage Bench can be purchased on for $145.05 with Free Ground Shipping. It is also available in oak and cherry finishes, though the price varies slightly between colors.

I purchased this bench partially with a gift certificate I received as a thank you for participating in a past CSN Stores campaign.