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Holiday 2010 Review: "Global Girlfriend" Gifts to Benefit Women Worldwide

Global Girlfriend is a company created by Stacey Edgar in 2003 to help women worldwide gain economic security while providing unique products and a simple way to help women in need. Their women-made, fair trade boutique offers a line of trend-setting products including stylish apparel, accessories, and gifts with one purpose: helping women in need help themselves. They believe that economic opportunity for women holds the promise for real change in the world because when women have an income, they reinvest in themselves and in their children, building stronger families and communities over time. Through fair-trade practices, Global Girlfriend brings the work of these disadvantaged women directly to you. Global Girlfriend believes in forming long-term partnerships that provide women a fair living wage with equal employment opportunities and safe healthy working conditions to foster prosperity and reduce poverty.

Additionally, Global Girlfriend directs the charity royalty from each purchase to Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty in Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women. Camfed works directly with girls and women in rural areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania, providing educational and economic opportunities. The charity royalty from each purchase at Global Girlfriend is directed to Camfed's seed money micro-grant and micro-credit program. Camfed's seed money micro-grant program is run by young women for young women, creating a bond of female solidarity that is integral to its success. Young women in the seed money program receive an initial micro-grant, which they do not have to repay, in order to launch a small business venture, benefiting themselves, their families, and their entire communities.

Global Girlfriend was kind enough to send me Ugandan Waxcloth Slings and a Café Chic Batik Apron to try out and review. I would say that I was very pleased with the items I was sent. They are all very well made and completely functional. The apron fit me perfectly and I love the pocket on the front, a nice added feature. It is so cute and comfortable and I feel so domestic wearing it. The purses are cute, stylish, roomy, and well made. I have been carrying the blue-print purse since I received it a month ago and it shows no signs of wear at all. It is still in perfect condition. I am very happy with all of these items and am equally as happy to support a company with such a good vision.

You can see these items and many, many more, including handcrafted jewelry at . Please think of this site when you are shopping for gifts this holiday. It is always a good feeling to give gifts that benefit the recipient as well as others. Don't forget to also look for Global Girlfriend on Facebook and owner Stacey Edgar on Twitter.

Thank you to Global Girlfriend for sending complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.