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Review: Clientele Elastology Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub

Clientele is a leader in clinically proven, anti-aging skin care and they offered to let me try their Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub. Clientele was awarded U.S. and International patents on the Sacred Lotus Seed Extract, which was proven by UCLA Scientists to defy aging and the extract lives 1,200 years, due to the presence of the first protein repair enzyme ever discovered. Clientele’s founder, Dr. Pat Riley, combines the skin beautifying Lotus with the most advanced ingredients, stressing a natural approach to nourishing the skin inside and out. She continues to be on the forefront of age-defying nutritional and skin care formulations used by celebrities, doctors, and women who want highly effective products that produce visible results.

The Clientele Thermal Pumpkin Scrub is a scrub and wash in one. Water activates the thermal properties of the delicious blend of Pumpkin Enzymes, Honey, Apple, and Cinnamon. It contains powerful antioxidants and natural Jojoba exfoliates, rather than synthetic plastic beads, so it leaves the skin naturally smoother and softer than most facial scrubs I’ve used. Pumpkin enzymes have actually been shown to exfoliate as well as alpha hydroxyl acids, but are for more gentle. The unique “heating” of the scrub adds a new degree of exfoliation and relaxation that I’ve never experienced and the smell is delectable enough to eat. Both my husband and I love this scrub, and that’s really saying something for him because he doesn’t usually use products like this. He shaves his head and said it’s been much smoother since using this scrub. We both very enthusiastically recommend it.

Readers of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires can get a free sample of Clientele Thermal Pumpkin Scrub, just pay shipping, by visiting or by calling Clientele Direct at 1-800-327-4660. Just use the coupon code “GLAM” at checkout. Clientele products are also available at select Nordstrom stores.

Thank you to Clientele for sending us a sample product free of charge to base this review upon.