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Review: Playskool's Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone

Do you know a little one who likes to ask a lot of questions? If so, then this might be the perfect toy for that inquisitive child. I am referring to the Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone from Hasbro Playskool. All three of my children, who are ages 3, 3, and 6, very much enjoy role playing during dramatic play. This affordable toy has provided them with many hours of fun.

If you are not familiar with the character Sid, he is the charismatic little boy from the animated PBS series Sid the Science Kid. Sid and his friends love to learn and Sid is a future reporter in the making. He loves to ask questions, which allows both Sid and your child to learn fun scientific facts.

Although this toy is recommended for ages 3+, it is extremely user-friendly. A younger child would enjoy it, but it is hard plastic, so an infant or toddler might hit with it.

This toy comes with the required 3 AAA batteries, which is great, because there is no waiting for the fun to begin. The back has a 3-position switch for on, off, and demo mode.

There are four large colorful buttons, each with a different function. The purple one lets you hear your audience laughing and the yellow button allows you to hear your audience applauding. The red button plays fun music and lyrics from Sid the Science Kid. The white button, which is my children's favorite, allows you to hear your voice echo when you speak into the microphone. It took awhile for our 3 year old twins to grasp that they had to hold the button down while speaking, but they figured it out eventually.

Although our twins love this toy, they do not quite understand how to conduct an interview. Luckily their 6 year old brother makes a great reporter and hopefully they will learn from his example.

As a parent, you may be cringing at the thought of bringing a microphone into the house, but I was pleasantly surprised that this toy was not too loud at all. My children's voices were not really amplified, but were just heard with an echo.

You can find the Playskool Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone at most places where Hasbro Playskool toys are sold. It retails for $14.99. I think that is an excellent price for a toy that will likely appeal to your child for many years.

Thank you to The Jim Henson Company for providing a sample toy free of charge for us to base this review upon.