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Boston's Mom Central Aquafina FlavorSplash Event

On May 27th, a small group of Massachusetts bloggers convened in the home of Stacy Debroff, founder and CEO of Mom Central, a consulting team based in Newton, MA known for their successful marketing campaigns targeting moms. This evening, we were invited to enjoy good food and conversation accompanied by the 6 delicious flavors of Aquafina FlavorSplash.

I very much enjoyed meeting Stacy and the entire Mom Central staff. There are many I have communicated with via email a hundred times over the past year or so. It was nice to be able to meet them face to face. I was also happy to reconnect with some bloggers I have met once or twice in the past, as well as meeting the authors of some great blogs that were unknown to me until last night.

From Left: Janice (Meal Makeover Moms), Stacy (Mom Central CEO, The DeBroff DeBrief), Liz (Meal Makeover Moms)

Members of the Mom Central team went through great efforts to pull off a successful evening. They even offered a raffle and planned a trivia game for our enjoyment. We split up into 3 teams. Luckily two of the teams each had a knowledgeable food blogger on their side because the topic was fruit!

The Winning Team! From Left: Keri (Toy Queen), Jill (The Daily Grind of a Work at Home Mom), Janice (Meal Makeover Moms)

Liz of Meal Makeover Moms won a Zoku Quick Pop Maker, which is just about the "coolest" invention I have seen in awhile (pun intended). Although I was totally jealous, I am so glad that Liz won. I can only imagine the wonderful things she will come up with to make using her Zoku.

Did I mention that this event was catered? Yes, my husband would be so sad if he saw all the delicious food we were served. Sorry, Honey, maybe next time.

Enjoying dessert and Aquafina FlavorSplash! From Left: Niri (Mommy Niri) and Nicole (Good Golly Miss Blondie)

Thank you to Mom Central, Aquafina, and the DeBroff Family for making it possible for local bloggers to come together when we might not have otherwise. I am so happy to have more business cards to add to my stash solely devoted to Massachusetts bloggers.

I wrote this post after attending an event sponsored by Aquafina FlavorSplash and Mom Central. I received FlavorSplash goodies and a gift card as a thank you for posting.