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Sponsor Me for BlogHer 2010

This year the annual BlogHer convention will be held August 6th thru 7th in New York City. I am extremely excited to attend BlogHer 2010 along with my husband and oldest son, as it will be my first year at BlogHer. I already have my ticket and have booked our room at The Hilton.

I have been fortunate enough to establish a long-term relationship with Just Jen who has offered me a partial sponsorship for this upcoming event. Still, I am seeking additional sponsors to help offset the costs of travel, hotel, meals, and other related expenses. Since BlogHer policies have changed regarding the distribution of swag and information during the convention, I am happy to offer my services to help promote your product or business in other ways. These methods of promotion include, but are not limited to:
  • Writing articles about your brand or products with keyword links to be published on my site or on yours
  • A Twitter campaign
  • Creating a demo video for your product and publishing the video on YouTube
  • Myself (or my husband and son) wearing your logo or product during Blogher 2010
  • Ad space on my site (for a predetermined length of time)
  • A custom ad on my Twitter page (for a predetermined length of time)
  • Including a coupon code or other information about your brand on the back of my business cards, which will be distributed during the convention
  • Coordinating a campaign for your brand with other bloggers (reviews, giveaways, ad space, paid posts, etc . . . )
I am open to discussing other creative ideas for promoting your brand. As you can see by looking through my site and reading my PR feedback, I always give 110% to the companies with which I partner. If you are a family-friendly brand or business and are interested in sponsoring me for BlogHer 2010, please do contact me.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.