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Review: Angeles Baseline Table & Chairs for Children

When the idea for a new educational series centered around playing restaurant was forming in my head, I began searching for a table and chairs that would be fitting for a restaurant or diner setting. We did have a cottage-style kids table and chairs set, which we had owned for about five years, but it was damaged when our basement flooded. That left me with a Star Wars folding table and chairs set, which did not seem like a good choice for this project. So the search continued.

I was beyond thrilled when Discount School Supply suggested this 30" Angeles Square Baseline table and the coordinating Angeles Baseline chairs. The table comes in 7 different heights, while the chairs come in 5, enabling you to choose the perfect combination to suit your children's particular needs. We opted for the 24" table and the 13" chairs because we wanted our 6yr old to be able to use this set now and for our 3yr old twins to still be able to use it in the years to come. Both the table and chairs are available in 10 different colors. We chose the Candy Apple Red because it seemed like the ideal color for playing restaurant.

What I thought about this Angeles table and four chairs:

1) I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the quality of these pieces. I can see why Angeles is a brand trusted by so many classrooms. The tabletop is almost two inches thick and is very solid.

2) These pieces are designed to be sturdy, but lightweight at the same time. Even though our 3yr old twins can move the table, I never have to worry about it collapsing or tipping over should they try to climb on top of it when my back is turned.

3) The stackable chairs are sturdy enough to hold an adult. They are made of durable molded plastic with PVC legs. Discount School Supply even sells a seat cushion for these chairs to accommodate adults, which raises the seat height to the same level as the chair's arms.

4) The assembly (and I use that term loosely) for this table could not have been easier. There were no tools required. We only had to screw the legs into the threaded openings on the underside of the tabletop.

5) The chairs arrived as is. The most work we had to do in setting up these pieces was using scissors to cut off the clear protective plastic sleeves around the chair legs.

6) One of the features I love the most about the table and the chairs are the removable boots that go on the feet. These boots not only protect the furniture, but they also protect our hardwood floors and offer the benefit of noise reduction when the children push, pull, and drag the chairs around.

7) All 3 of my children can be accident prone at times, so I very much like that these pieces are rounded all over.

8) The color of the wipe-to-clean laminate tabletop varies depending on what color you order. Ours is actually a very pale speckled gray. It is best to refer to the color chart prior to ordering.

This square table by Angeles currently sells for $169.95 on Discount School Supply regardless of what table height you choose. The 13" Angeles chairs sell for $29.95 each and the prices do vary depending on what seat height you select. At this price, I think these pieces are a smart investment for your home. This table and chairs will last for many years plus they come with a 5-year warranty.

Thank you to Discount School Supply for sending us this sample table and chairs set free of charge to base this review upon.