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Children's Dental Health Month: Custom Tooth Fairy Pillow

In honor of National Children's Dental Health Month, I've decided to feature a different dental-related product each week. My oldest son just turned 6, so he is approaching the time when he could potentially lose his first tooth. Oh the pressure! Trying to keep the magic of Santa and the Easter Bunny alive is hard enough. Now I have to be the tooth fairy too?

Since I am not the most stealthy person, I decided that a tooth fairy pillow was definitely needed. They usually have a tiny pocket in the back where your child can put his or her lost tooth. This pocket is easily accessible so the tooth fairy can retrieve the tooth and leave a little money in its place without waking the child. I have to say that there are a lot of choices out there for tooth fairy pillows and a lot of them can be personalized with your child's name. The CurlyQ Cuties Custom Fairy-Tooth is the only one I've come across that allows your child to customize the look of the pillow themselves.

The whole experience of creating his own pillow was almost as important as having the actual pillow delivered to our front door. On the CurlyQ Cuties website, my son could choose the color of his tooth, the eye shape, eye color, and mouth shape. He tried all different combinations and could not make up his mind. Then he decided he really liked the green one shown at the top of the CurlyQ Cuties site, except he changed the eye shape to make it his own. I also paid the additional $5 to have my son's name embroidered on the back. He was able to choose the font and thread color himself. The Fairy-Tooth itself is $15, so mine would cost $20 to order with the embroidery (not including shipping charges).

I was extremely happy with the final product, as was my son. The 7" x 6" tooth looked exactly like the online drawing of the pillow he had personally designed. The anti-pill fleece and the downy filling made this pillow extremely huggable. My son even slept with his Fairy-Tooth the first night. It's also nice to know that if I had to, the pillow is machine washable on the delicate cycle and can be air dried. My son has gotten sick in his bed more than anywhere else and we've had to get rid of our share of plush toys. I hope that this special Fairy-Tooth will last many years.

CurlyQ Cuties' product selection is not limited to Custom Fairy-Teeth. This company also offers a variety of 12" custom monsters. I think I might have my 6yr old design one monster each for his younger twin brother and sister for Christmas this year. It would mean a lot more than just having him pick out a toy at the store.

To learn more about CurlyQ Cuties custom tooth fairy pillows and monsters, visit .

Thank you to CurlyQ Cuties for sending us a custom Fairy Tooth pillow free of charge to base this review upon.