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Review: My Little Pony "Twinkle Wish Adventure" (DVD)

My nearly 3yr old daughter is the proud owner of two My Little Pony figures. So when I had the chance to share the new My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD with her, I knew she and her twin brother would love seeing these ponies come to life.

"Twinkle Wish Adventure" was recently released on October 13th, 2009. This DVD has many bonus features, such as sing-a-longs, animated shorts, and printables.

What our twins thought about this My Little Pony DVD:

1) The My Little Pony theme song was a huge hit with both twins. They actually enjoyed all the music very much.

2) My son had a big smile on his face during the entire feature. The colorful animation is very happy and magical.

3) Since each twin was holding a My Little Pony while they watched this DVD, they became so excited when they recognized one of their ponies on the screen.

4) I think my daughter's favorite pony was the one with the wings, which goes along with her obsession of fairy wings. I think we might have to look for one of these winged ponies next time we are at the toy store.

Even though the twins were a little young to understand the entire storyline, "Twinkle Wish Adventure" still offered them a magical experience. I think this DVD would be perfect for preschool-aged up to early grade school-aged children.

If you'd like to pick this DVD up for your child for a holiday gift (or just because), you can find it online at the Shout! Factory, on, and at most local retailers who carry Hasbro toys and children's DVDs.

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