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Review: Plasma Car Ride-On Toy

The great thing about being a big brother for our son Jake is getting to play with cool new big kid toys before his younger brother and sister. The tough part about it is being too big to play with certain toys that he still loves, like toddler ride-on toys. Most of them are only for children up to 4 years old.

That's why Jake is thrilled with the Plasma Car. He is much more coordinated than his younger siblings so he can ride it better and faster than they can. He was more than happy to show off his skills in the video below.

What I thought about the Plasma Car:

1) This ride-on toy is recommended for ages 3 to adult. For any adult who is hesitant to ride it, I have to reassure you that it is extremely easy to use. If I can do it, anyone can.

2) Although there is a brief learning period, my 5-1/2 yr old son is able to ride the Plasma Car pretty well. There are times that he has trouble steering, but once he gets into a groove, he just cruises.

3) The Plasma Car works great on our hardwood floors. I am going to keep it as an indoor toy for now since we do not have a safe large paved area outside other than a parking lot. I just wish our living room was a little larger. This toy would work great on a gym floor and on an outdoor basketball or tennis court.

4) I love that I do not have to buy batteries for this toy because it works on the natural laws of physics. You simply turn the steering column back and forth, somewhat like how a child would drive a car.

5) This toy is also great exercise for the arms and shoulders.

6) Even my husband (who cannot ride it because he exceeds the weight limit) admits that it is an extremely cool toy based on how sleek it looks and how it is propelled.

Please take a moment to watch the Plasma Car in action and to have a closer look at this unusual toy:

If you'd like to learn more about the Plasma Car, visit or follow PlaSmart on Twitter. Currently, you can purchase Plasma Cars in 6 fun colors online on the Plasma Car website or locally at select toy stores such as Learning Express.

Thank you to PlaSmart for providing us with a review product free of charge.