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Silly Monkey Stories: Life With a Preschooler

This week's Silly Monkey post is just about a couple of little glimpses into life with 4.5yr old Jake. For example, the other day, Luke (Jake's 18mos old little brother) kept rocking back and forth in his booster seat causing his chair to bang against the china cabinet. Everytime I told Luke to stop, he would smile at me and stop. Then when I went back into the kitchen to finish preparing the twins' lunches, I would hear the banging commence again. So I tell Luke to stop banging from the kitchen and he stops. Then what wise words do you think Jake said to his little brother? He said, "You shouldn't try to be sneaky. MumMum knows what you're doing even if she's not looking at you, even if she's in a whole other room!" That just made me smile to know that my mysterious powers of knowing all and seeing all were being discussed so seriously.

Another thing that made me smile this week was hearing and then seeing this . . .

"Look MumMum!! It's the Leaning Tower of Framingham!"

And lastly, here is a note Jake wrote to his dad, whom he calls Baba which means "daddy" in Chinese. My husband is currently on a business trip. Luckily he has internet access and hopefully he'll be able to see this message from Jake. He wrote it all my himself. The only part I helped him with was how to spell the word "miss."

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