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Going Green in Red?

So, I've been bugging my husband the past couple of weeks about changing over to resuable shopping bags for groceries. I couldn't figure out why I was hesitating until today . . . too many of the store-offered resusable bags are too unattractive. LOL!!! I know the environment does not care about how nice an eco-friendly bag looks, but I guess I do.

Medium Target Reusable Shopping Bag - $1.49

I saw these at Target today and knew they were the ones for me!! They looked sturdy, were boxy and roomy, plus my favorite color is red. I also liked the fact that there isn't a store's name plastered across the front. There were two other sizes/styles also. A smaller flat red bag with the same logo and an outside zippered pocket sold for just $0.99 each. A larger boxy tote with grommets sold for $1.49. Both these bags folded up into a convenient little pouch. The ones that I purchased (pictured) do not fold up into a zippered pouch, but I liked the way they looked better than the others. The handles also appear to be reiforced like on a boat tote.

Here are some local stores & national stores that offer reusable totes for sale:

Food Lon


Petco (All proceeds go to the charitable Petco Foundation)


Stop & Shop


Whole Foods Market

Thanks for reading about my cute new eco-friendly bags!!