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Print and Color Birthday Cards & Wrapping Paper

My 4yr old son was invited to a double birthday dance party today for two brothers . . . one turnes 4 and the other 2. So I thought it would be fun if he colored his own wrapping paper and birthday cards. There are many websites (in addition to ours) that offer free printables, such as birthday cards, coloring pages, etc . . . Here is what we ended up with:

Next time I am going to give him more than just a couple of days to do the coloring. We had to print out four 8.5x11 sheets of the wrapping paper. I made them so that he would only have to color in the circles. He barely got through coloring one before he complained of being tired. Guess who got to color the other three sheets! I was relieved that I had some Diego wrapping paper in my stash for the other gift.

The same thing happended with the cards. He was determined to color in the whole rectangle for the fronts and insides (which I forgot to photograph) of the cards instead of just the characters and the letters as I had suggested to him. Well, can you guess which card he did first? Yes, it's the colorful one. By the time he got to the other one, he just wanted to get it done. In the end, I hope his efforts will be appreciated. He even signed his own name inside each card all on his own. I think he will be proud to present these gifts to the two birthday boys.