Friday, July 12, 2013

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Weekend Wishlist: DC Logo Backpack, Ninja Children's Storybook, 30-Pair Shoe Rack, and More!

It's Friday!  That means I've been browsing the new sales on Zulily.  I love shopping on the weekends because I only pay shipping on my first order and get free shipping on everything else from Friday through midnight on Sunday.  Even though summer vacation only started a few weeks ago, I am now turning my focus to back-to-school.  I have 3 different lists of school supplies to tackle, wishlists from 3 different classrooms, as well as filling in the holes in our children's fall wardrobe.  My 9 year old son also managed to break the chest strap on his backpack during the last week of school, so I have been keeping my eye out for a new one for him.

What's new on my Zulily wishlist today?

1.  Stainless Steel 'Hope & Humility' Inspirational Cuff - $23.99 (Originally $60)

2.  Core Kitchen Teal Woven Square Cast Iron Trivet - $16.99 (Originally $30)

3.  Collins Black 'I'm Not Bossy' Pillow - $8.99 (Originally $17)

4.  Home Basics Pink & Silver 30-Pair Shoe Rack - $21.99 (Originally $45)

5.  DC Dark Red Dodgy Backpack - $21.99 (Originally $45)

6.  Dily Black & Blue Dress - $14.99 (Originally $40)

7.  'Nighttime Ninja' Hardcover Children's Book - $10.99 (Originally $17)

8.  Artzooka! Recycled Art with Stickers: Theme 1 Kit - Set of 3 - $7.99 (Originally $12)

If you haven't already, be sure to checkout my post "6 Tips for Shopping on Zulily"!  What's on your weekend wishlist from Zulily or somewhere else?


  1. The recycled art stickers look cute my son loves stickers.

  2. @Denise Taylor Dennis: It does look cute and my children are always asking to make things out of empty cardboard rolls and things.


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