Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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What Do You Do When Your Basement and Attic are Full?

My family of five has spent the last several months trying to declutter our home.  We schedule donation pick-ups with a local charitable organization almost every week.  Amazingly, after about 4 months of doing this, it still does not seem like we have made much more than a small dent in our clutter.  We have both an attic and a basement, which are being used completely for storage.  No, we do not have a garage or a shed.  If we did, though, I have no doubt they would both be filled as well.  What we really need is to find inexpensive self storage.  There are so many furniture pieces, among other things, that I would love to use in our future (much larger) home and it would break my heart to part with them.

Over the next month or so, my husband and I will be making it a priority to clear out the basement.  It had once been a finished family room, but it flooded, so we turned it into storage space.  We very much need the extra living space again, since our three children are growing bigger and the five of us are tripping over each other in this tiny townhouse.  We are hoping to turn the basement into a finished play space for the children.  We could put mats down, buy a kick bag for them to practice their taekwondo, and maybe add an air hockey or a ping pong table.

Now we just need to keep that goal in mind and keep chipping away at all the boxes and boxes of stored items we have collected over the past 18 years.  Do you have any tips on how to make this process less painful?


  1. I feel you. I have lived in my current place for 3 years and twice a year we purge the basement. The last pile donated/trashed was knee deep and about 2 feet by 10 feet. It doesn't seem to help. I think the stuff is breeding down there. I purposely do not get my kids toys except a couple each at Christmas and Birthday, but it still looks like a Toy/Christmas Decoration/Old Clothes/Ratty Furniture Nightmare in my basement.

  2. Hi, like many families I can understand the dilemma of space and storage solutions in your home. Do you have the room for in-home shelving, cabinets and wall closets? I know you plan to move to a bigger home eventually, but organizing in your home might be ideal in any case. This is especially great with children, when you want to keep items close and not a far in times of special immediate need. If you get a chance take a look at our company page http://www.closetorder.com/ we are in the process of an update, but it features some photos of designs and how we work. We are a national full service custom closet company providing professional design, measure and expert installation. Please keep us in mind for any possible home organizational needs now or in the future. Good luck, and remember to handle one thing at a time. Happy Organizing :)

  3. I am not really fond of keeping old things, especially those that takes too much space. If we are not using it or will not be obviously be useful in the future, we rather throw or give it away.


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