Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Silly Monkey Stories: Such a Considerate Child

Last week, I had a very minor procedure done at the doctor's and was given an assortment of drugs for pain management.  Well, one or more of the drugs was making me nauseous and I was for at least a day and a half.  If you are a parent, then you know very well that it really does not matter how you are feeling.  Your children, especially young ones, will carry on like they do everyday.

Our son Luke, who will be turning 5 soon, is rarely happy with what we decide to serve him for lunch or dinner.  It could be something that the actually likes to eat, but if he doesn't feel like having it that day, he will complain and complain about it.

So, even though I was laying on the futon like a lump because I was too nauseous to move, Luke was standing over me telling me how he did not want to eat soup and breadsticks.  After a few minutes, I just had to tell him that I was too sick at the moment to argue with him.  To this he answered . . .

"Okay, then how about I just argue with you the day after tomorrow?"

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