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3 Things to Look for in a Fidget Spinner (According to My Children)

3 Things to Look for in a Fidget Spinner  |  3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires
Thank you to Oriental Trading Company for providing supplies for our service project in exchange for our sharing my children's tips about fidget spinners.  All opinions expressed are our own.

It used to be that fidget toys were only associated with children who have special needs when it comes to a variety of learning and social situations.  This is definitely no longer the case.  For example, in my oldest son's middle school, fidgets are allowed in the classroom for every student. Yes, some students have them for fun, but many find them beneficial and that fidgets can actually help them focus.

My children are 10, 10, and 13.  Yes, they have fallen into the fidget craze, especially when it comes to fidget spinners.  Each of my children owns multiple spinners.  I have to admit, it was tough figuring out which ones to purchase.  I didn't want to spend too much money, but I also didn't want to buy something too inexpensive that might not work well.  After having owned quite a few, and having played with the fidget spinners that belonged to their classmates at school, I asked my 3 children to each share their best tips about choosing the right fidget spinner.

3 Tips for Choosing a Fidget Spinner . . .

1.  Choose a Quiet Fidget Spinner - According to my 13 year old son, having a quiet spinner is important at school.  You need to look for one with good ball bearings.  A noisy spinner can be distracting to others, causing the teacher to ask that it be put away.

2.  Choose a Metal Fidget Spinner - Speed is important to my 10 year old son.  If that's the case for your child, then he recommends choosing a metal fidget spinner because they spin the fastest.

3.  Choose a Multi-Colored Fidget Spinner - According to my 10 year old daughter, multi-colored fidget spinners look cooler while spinning than solid colored spinners.  She recommends choosing cool fidget spinners with fun designs and lots of colors.  (An added bonus? Choosing a unique fidget spinner will help prevent any confusion about which one belongs to which child, both at home and at school.)

Do you have any tips about choosing the right fidget spinner? Share them with us in a comment here.