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4 Easy Ideas for Salty-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies

4 Easy Ways to Make Salty-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies  |  3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires
Whether you have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe or use refrigerated cookie dough like me, sometimes you just want something different.  I am a huge fan of salty-sweet snacks, so I experimented with different ways I could turn classic chocolate chip cookies into a salty-sweet treat.

If you want to surprise your family, then give one of these easy options a whirl!  All you need to do is add one of these savory foods to your chocolate chip cookie dough before baking.  I just push them right into the scoops of cookie dough while they're on the baking sheet.

4 Salty Foods to Add to Your Chocolate Chip Cookies . . .

1.  Salted pretzels pieces were one of my children's favorites.  We always have pretzels on-hand, so I just broke them into small pieces and they were ready to use!

2.  Salted cashews are a favorite in our house and they're less costly when you buy them in halves and pieces.  They are not too hard and are perfect to add to cookies.  (Please do not try if someone in your household has a nut allergy.)

3.  Crumbled bacon was a huge hit with my family.  They are all bacon-lovers, but were skeptical about bacon in their chocolate chip cookies.  They were pleasantly surprised!  You could also try crumbling freshly cooked bacon, but it would be best to drain off as much grease as possible before crumbling and adding to the cookie dough.

4.  Corn chip pieces (not tortilla chips) turned out to be very tasty in chocolate chip cookies.  I also tried these corn snacks, but they weren't quite salty enough and they were too light and crispy to add the amount of oomph I was looking for.

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Easy Ways to Make Salty-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies  |  3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

If you try any of these salty-sweet chocolate chip cookie ideas, let us know how they turned out in a comment here.