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'The Dragon of the Month Club' . . . The First Book in a New Series by Iain Reading

The Dragon of the Month Club - Tween Book Review  |
Thank you to Iain Reading for providing a copy of The Dragon of the Month Club for us to base this review upon.  All opinions expressed are our own.

The book The Dragon of the Month Club is about a girl named Ayana and a boy named Tyler who are really into reading. While in the town’s public library, they find a small book called The Book. It is very short, but it has a page in it where it tells you how to summon a Water Dragon. After they summon it, they are able to apply for the Dragon of the Month Club. When they are accepted, they are told that they will receive instructions for a new dragon on the thirteenth of every month.

With a thrilling storyline, this book would make an excellent gift for someone that is interested in myth and legend, or simply wants a good book. But, there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end that makes you want a sequel. My favorite dragon is the sand dragon, Dune Buggy. He was playful and curious like my dogs. My favorite part is when they sleep inside a book on giant marshmallows.

About the author:
Iain Reading is Canadian, but lives in the Netherlands and works for the United Nations. He has a deep passion for root beer, music and writing.

You can learn more about this book by visiting, where you can also learn about the Dragon of the Month Contest.  This book is available to be purchased on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

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