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Logo Loops Headbands for School and Taekwondo

Taekwondo belt test in dobok and Logo Loops headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
Thank you to Logo Loops for sending their comfy headbands for our daughter to wear and for providing the prize for our giveaway.  All opinions expressed are our own.

I may have mentioned before that our daughter is quite active.  She likes to run and play basketball during recess, plays hard during gym class, and gives 100% (at least) at Taekwondo.  Keeping her hair neat is difficult some days because it's super-straight (something she inherited from me), which causes it to fall down and gets stringy easily.  Logo Loops wide headbands, an item featured on The View as a back-to-school must-have, turned out to be the answer to our problems.

We have only been able to find one or two styles of headbands that stay put in our daughter's hair, while feeling comfortable the whole day through.  Many are too tight and she ends up taking them off after an hour or two.  Last week, our daughter tested for her orange belt in Taekwondo.  The students work extremely hard during their belt tests to show their instructors and their parents what they can do.
Jumping front kick in Logo Loops Taekwondo headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
Our daughter wore her TKD Logo Loops headband during her belt test and it kept her hair out of her way and neatly in place.  The headband didn't start to slip at all and remained comfortable throughout the warm-ups, the blocks and kicks, the patterns, sparring, and board-breaking.
Jumping in Logo Loops Taekwondo headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
I must also mention that it is extremely difficult to find Taekwondo-themed items for girls.  Our daughter received so many compliments on her Logo Loops TKD headband that I actually think it gave her an extra boost of confidence to wear it.  She did amazingly well on her belt test.
Logo Loops Taekwondo headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
Logo Loops TKD headband
Our daughter has also loved wearing her Logo Loops headbands to school.  Here she is in one of the nine Initial Loops headbands available.
Logo Loops Oval Flowers Initial headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
Logo Loops Oval Flower Initials headband

There are so many different Logo Loops available, there's something for every girl, from grade school through college.  Which one is your favorite?
Our daughter's favorite design is the Cool Cat headband.  It's probably because she's such an animal-lover.  Don't see exactly what you need?  Submit your own artwork to custom order Logo Loops for your school, club, team, or organization!
Logo Loops Cool Cat headband #loveourloops (sponsored)  |
Logo Loops Cool Cat headband
To learn more about Logo Loops, visit or Logo Loops on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Logo Loops sell for $13.99 each.  Visit their online store to shop!

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