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Photo-Real Trend Dresses & Standout-From-The-Crowd Girls Fashions by KidCuteTure

KidCuteture Fiona Rosebud Dress for Girls  |
Thank you to KidCuteTure for providing the girls' dresses featured below, as well as the prize for our reader giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I often wonder how my daughter turned out to be such a girly girl.  She spends most of her time with her two brothers, plays basketball with the boys at recess, and can break a board with her fist at Taekwondo.  Still, she is one of the daintiest girls I know, which is why I am not surprised how much she fell in love with these photo real dresses by KidCuteTure.

If you've never visited the KidCuteTure online children's boutique, then you are missing out. It's not everyday that you find couture artistry in kid-friendly designs.  By this I mean stand-out-from-the-crowd fashions in comfortable, age-appropriate styles designed with children in mind.

My daughter just loves that this dress has pockets, which made twirling in it particularly fun. As a parent, I loved the ease of caring for these dresses.  We machine washed them inside-out and hung them on a hanger to dry.
KidCuteTure Fiona Rosebud Dress for Summer  |
KidCuteTure Fiona Rosebud Dress - Kids Fashions  |
Today, you can see our 8 year old daughter in the lovely on-trend Fiona dress in the Rosebud photo-real print and the Kiwi photo-real print.  Realistic photo prints are currently all the rage and can be found on t-shirts, leggings, dresses, and more.  The floral images KidCuteTure chose for these two dresses are stunning.
KidCuteture Fiona Kiwi Dress - Kids Fashions  |
Both the Rosebud and Kiwi Fiona dresses are vibrant and full of life for Spring and Summer.  To me the Rosebud dress is more fun and girly, while the Kiwi dress is more sweet and serene.  Which print do you like the best?
KidCuteture Fiona Kiwi Dress for Summer  |
KidCuteture Fiona Kiwi Dress for Girls  |
Visit to view all the prints available in the Fiona dress, as well as the vast selection of tops, bottoms, sets, dresses, outerwear, and more infant/toddler and girls sizes.