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Disney FROZEN Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $50 at Kohls! #FrozenFriday #MC

Disney FROZEN Gift Ideas for Under $50 at Kohl's #FrozenFriday #MC
I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Kohl's. I received Kohl's gift cards and merchandise to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

Christmas is only 4-1/2 weeks away!  Where did the time go?  It seemed like back-to-school was just yesterday . . .

Speaking of time, did you know that this weekend is the last to vote for your favorite of the 10 finalist in the Kohl's FROZEN Sing Your Heart Out Contest.  I was sad to see that the trio I was rooting for did not make it to the final round, but many talented people of all ages did.  In fact, there is such variety in the singing styles of these 10 finalists that I found it extremely difficult to choose just one.  I ended up voting for Chantal, who adds a soulful rock sound to the song "Let It Go".  However, the duets Katherine & Kelly and that of Kevin & Matt were close seconds.  Which one is your favorite?  Voting ends on Sunday, November 23rd at 9:30pm EST, the same night that the winner will be revealed in a Kohl's holiday commercial at the end of the 2014 American Music Awards.  I'm going to have to rush home from an event just to catch the winner's announcement!

I hate having to rush in general, but especially when it comes to my holiday gift shopping.  By Halloween, if I'm not mostly finished with my shopping, then my gift radar turns on and I'm on high alert for gift ideas for the remaining people on my list.  As always, I'm happy to share gift ideas with 3G2S readers.
Disney's Frozen Olaf "An Expert On The Snow" Pendant Necklace from Kohl's #FrozenFriday #MC

Kohl's is your destination for FROZEN gifts this holiday!  They have such a huge selection of FROZEN merchandise, including toys, clothing, electronics, home furnishings, and more.

Disney FROZEN gift ideas for under $50 . . . 

1.  Disney's FROZEN Olaf "An Expert on Snow" Pendant Necklace - Black Friday Preview Pricing just $8.99.

2.  Disney FROZEN sleepwear - Black Friday Preview Pricing from $12.00.

3.  Disney FROZEN Olaf Snow Cone MakerBlack Friday Preview Pricing $24.74.

4.  Disney FROZEN Elsa Musical Light-Up DressBlack Friday Preview Pricing $29.99.

Of all the gifts we previewed from Kohl's, my FROZEN-obsessed daughter was most delighted with the musical light-up dress!  As a size 7/8, she was still able to fit into the 4-6x gown.  A huge smile appeared on her face when she pushed the button and heard the song "Let It Go" and the blue lights started flashing on her bodice and snowflake-covered skirt.

To see the full selection of FROZEN merchandise at Kohl's, please visit  Which gift idea would your little girl love the most?

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